Frequently Asked Questions




Interested women must be referred by an existing member to join. Once a current member invites you to join, you will be asked to fill out the commitment form on our website’s home page by clicking on “Will you join us?”

You will receive confirmation of your membership, and be added to our organization’s communication channels.

Q2. Can I come to a meeting before deciding to join?

Yes! We welcome any interested members. However, only committed members may vote.

Q3. What is the time commitment for joining?

We understand how busy life can become, that is why 200 Muslim Women Who Care is very simple! We only have 4 meetings a year that last no longer than an hour and ½ per meeting. In addition, you do not need to attend a meeting to join. Those members who do attend a meeting have voting rights.

Q4. What is the monetary commitment for joining?

Our members donate $100 per meeting four times a year. Total member contribution is $400 per year.

Q5. I live in Florida but not in Tampa, can I still join?

Yes! Many of our sisters all over the state believe in our mission and graciously donate to our organization even though they do not live locally. Charity has no borders.

Q6. I don’t live in Florida, is it possible to open my own chapter?

Currently, our board is perfecting our organization and want to ensure that we are able to support the needs of our initial group before expanding to other chapters. However, interested candidates should email us on our contact page and we will notify them if the opportunity arises.

Q7. What if I do not support the charity that was voted on, and I am a committed member?

Our board takes the pre-screening process very seriously and is confident that any organization that presents at our meeting is qualified to receive our collective donations. However, it may not be an individual member’s first choice. Every member signs a commitment form that states you will honor your commitment even if you are not fond of the charity. In addition, it is up to the member to ask questions during the presentations to ensure clarification from the nominees, so that they are comfortable with each organization they choose to vote for.


Q1. I am a local Tampa non-profit interested in presenting. What are the steps necessary to present in a meeting?

Our organization is member driven. This means that our membership has the rights to nominate a local charity to be considered for our collective donation. After a pre-screening process by our board, 3 approved nominees will be asked to present during our meetings. If you do not know one of our members, you may email us at with information about your organization. We may consider your organization in future meetings.

Q2. What is the selection process for choosing a charity to present?

All charities must be within the Tampa Bay Area. No national organizations are considered unless they operate smaller chapters that specifically serve the local Tampa community. Our review board will ensure nominees are ethical and viable organizations. We will be sure to check for fiscal responsibility of the organizations and to ensure that the winning organization represents our organization properly. In addition, the review board will make sure that 100% of our funds go directly to programs and not to salaries. Most importantly, charities that present must be aligned with our organization’s Mission and Vision.

Q3. Are there any other requirements for a charity?

Each charity will have to agree not to use our member names for future solicitations or release member information to the public, unless an individual member has given permission to do so. If the charity does not adhere to this condition they will be removed from any future consideration.


Q1. Can you explain the voting process at the meeting?

Each member who has signed their commitment form and who has paid their quarterly donation may vote. During the meeting, three members or their designee (local charity) speak to our group. Each nominee presents for five minutes. After their presentation, there is a five minute question and answer period. After all three nominees speak, a vote is taken by written ballot. The votes are calculated and a winner is announced by the end of the meeting. The meeting ends and the winning charity receives $10,000 to be presented at their location of choice, at a mutually agreed upon day and time.

Q2. Your name sounds familiar, how did you come up with this idea of the group?

Our 200 Muslim Women Who Care is based off of a giving circle concept started by a group called 100 Women Who Care. 100 Women Who Care was started in Jackson, Michigan in 2006 by a woman and former mayor named Karen Dunigan. It began as a simple way to quickly raise money for a local charity in need of baby cribs. She rallied her network of friends and assembled a group of 100 women. Each woman wrote a check for $100 directly to the charity. In one hour they raised more than $10,000 that would buy 300 new cribs. When Karen realized how easy it was to raise money for a good cause, the idea of 100 Women Who Care was born. Karen’s legacy lives on through the expansion of 100+ Chapters throughout the world. They include women, men, people, kids, and teen chapters. Karen saw people for their strengths and realized that when 100 or more people come together in a room, each person becomes a powerful force for doing good work while lifting up your community. 100 Who Care Alliance